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Where Will You Turn?

John 4:16 KJV

Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.

Everyone has problems. Everyone faces opposition. Everyone faces difficulties in this life. Everyone comes to the mountain with seemingly no way around. Everyone comes to the valley with seemingly no way over. The real question is not whether you will have or face opposition. The real question is what will you do when you face that opposition. 

Where will you turn? That is the real question today. When you face opposition, what will you do? When you feel empty, where will you turn? Many turn to drugs, illicit sex, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, and many other things the world has to offer, only to find themselves more empty than ever. In John 4 there was a woman who encountered Jesus at the well. While he offered her eternal life, he also pointed out her problem. In John 4:16, Jesus said, “Go, call thy husband, and come hither.” She wanted eternal life, but had to change her dependency. She had to change where and who she turned to. Up until that time, she had turned to men. She had had five husbands and had already moved on to man number six. She was still empty!  

Again, I ask you, where will you turn? The question is not whether you will have problems or not. You already know the answer to that. I don’t know anyone, including myself, that does not have problems and face opposition. It’s about where and who you turn to when you face those problems!

Only Jesus can fulfill and complete you! Only Jesus can heal and deliver you! Whatever you are facing today may be bigger than you, but it’s not bigger than him! Realize that you can’t, but as you surrender to and trust him, he can! Turn to Jesus today! All things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9:23)!

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