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Stay Connected!

John 6:66 KJV

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

I have found that where God has called you will be both the best and hardest place you will ever be! I ran from the call of God on my life from a very young age. I knew I was called to ministry, but it was the last thing in this world that I wanted to do. I found out over time that you cannot outrun God! I finally surrendered my life to Him and entered the ministry. It was at this time that I realized that God’s place for you will be both the best and hardest place to stay in your life.

God’s place for your life will be the best place because He is there with you! You will have a peace that passes all understanding. As you trust Him, He will supply every single thing you need to accomplish His will. I tell people often, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been doing the last thing I ever wanted to do in my life.” I realize that this makes no natural sense, but it’s still the truth. God’s plan and place for you in this life is always what’s best!

God’s place will be the hardest place to stay in because the enemy will oppose your every step forward. Satan does not want you with your God ordained company fulfilling your God ordained purpose. He will do everything in his power to separate you from your place called there! 

Our text scripture for today is about a group that was following Jesus. Jesus was teaching things that were hard for them to receive. The Bible tells us that they became offended and followed Jesus no more. I cannot imagine following Jesus and listening to his life changing words and then allowing anything to separate me from Him! 

I don’t know where God has called you today and I don’t know who God has called you to do life with. What I do know is that His plan is what’s best for you. Do not allow anything or anyone to get you offended or discouraged causing you to give up on God’s plan for your life! Stay connected!

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