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No Doubt!

Matthew 14:31 KJV

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

As I prayed about this article, I sensed in my spirit that some were at a breaking point in their lives. It seems as if opposition has increased in every area of your life.  Just when you thought you had all you could take, even more opposition showed up. The temptation has even been to just throw up your hands and quit. I just want to encourage you today to trust God and allow him to see you through!

Our scripture above comes when Peter and the other disciples were in a real storm on the sea. Jesus had told them to get in the ship and go to the other side. As they stepped out and obeyed him they encountered this great storm. In the midst of the storm Jesus showed up walking on the water. Peter asked Jesus if it was really him to let him come to him on the water. Jesus told Peter to come and he got out of the ship and began walking on the water to Jesus. As Peter was walking on the water to go to Jesus, the storm caught his attention. Just as he turned his focus towards the storm he was facing, he began to sink. As he cried out to Jesus, as always, Jesus saved him! Matthew 14:31 says, “… O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Peter was sinking in the storm, not because it was God’s will, but because he got his eyes off of Jesus and onto the storm.

The storms we face in life is the opposition we encounter while pursuing God’s will. The purpose of the storm is to get your eyes off of Jesus and the promises of God. If you feel like you’ve started sinking today I would encourage you to get your eyes back on Jesus! 

While Peter had his eyes on Jesus he was walking on the water in the midst of this great storm. The moment he got his eyes off of Jesus, doubt rose in his heart and he began to sink. Keep your eyes on Jesus, even in the midst of the storm, and he will see you through!

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