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Love Them and Let Them Go!

John 15:9 KJV

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

You will find out two things for sure in this life, 1) God never changes, and 2) People very often change. If you have lived any amount of time, you realize that people come and go in your life. There will be very few people that will be with you from beginning to end. The truth is, everyone is not supposed to be in your life forever. Most people are there for seasons. They are there for a purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled it is time for them to move to their next assignment. Of course, if you follow God, He will very often do the same with you. He will have you in places and with people, but it is only for a season.

I hear people continually talk about a new day and a fresh start. This will never happen just because you talk about it. Nothing changes unless you do. If you hold onto people that are through with their assignment in your life, you will cause unnecessary hurt for yourself and others. If you stay in places and with people after your assignment is up, it will cause problems as well.

I get this often with people that come to our church. They will talk about how much they have been hurt by another church or group of people. They talk about how they were not accepted and didn’t fit in. The Holy Spirit said to me, “The reason they were not accepted and never fit in is because I didn’t call them there to begin with.” They felt out of place because they were out of place.

We must be careful not to blame others for the decisions we make. Regardless of how people are or whether they are coming or going in your life, Jesus told us to love them. Our text scripture tells us to continue in His love just as He’s loved us.

What are we to do when people come into our life? What about when they walk out of our life? Remember, people may change, but God stays the same. Regardless of who’s coming or going, keep your eyes on Jesus, and continue in His love! If it’s time for people to go, simply love them and let them go. Be thankful for the season God had them in your life. Don’t get hung up where you are because you refuse to let go. Listen to your spirit, love continually, walk by faith, and move in to all that God has for you!

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